What Our Fans Are Saying…

Trenna is a gifted practitioner and has an incredible understanding of of both the art and science of reflexology. Her holistic approach makes every session for myself and my daughter a great part of healthcare and healthy lifestyle.
I also admire her business savvy in particular the convenience and use of technology. Not enough practitioners embrace tools that can help the flow of making the customer experience that much more pleasant, but Trenna blends this with her practice, making the therapeutic relationship that much easier and stronger!

M. Khan May 22, 2017

Trenna is so knowledgeable and has been very helpful in my quest to heal what ails me. After the very first session my stuffed up nose at bedtime pretty much disappeared. We are working on other things and I am confident in her ability to help me. My feet are very happy after a session as well!

Selma G. June 19, 2017

I sought out reflexology to help with my menopausal symptoms that included joint pain, hot flashes, water retention and inability to stay asleep. I am a health care professional and know that complementary therapy techniques can be very effective in the treatment of many conditions. Trenna is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled professional who was able to relieve many of my symptoms after a few sessions. She has helped me chart a much better course as I deal with the changes to my body, medication-free, and now my joints are pain free, my hot flashes have all but disappeared, I am sleeping better and I am feeling great! I would highly recommend this as an option to anyone who has similar symptoms. You will feel great too!

Barbara-Anne Hodge Occupational Therapist August 7, 2017

Mary-Clara is a wonderful person to deal with explains everything to you in great depth which I appreciate I will recommend her to anyone that wants a life changing experience My pain started to get out of control to the point where I'm always taking medication to mask the problem after a few treatments with her I noticed the change right away My sleeping patterns have changed for the better not requiring any sleep aid to fall asleep she was also able to ease the pain in my knees as well Looking forward to my next appointment I could only wish that our medical coverage included reflexology so more people could experience the results I have in such a short period of time Thanks again Mary-Clara till we meet again

Laurette https://book.click4time.com/discoverreflexology/reviews August 13, 2018

Excellent therapeutic session. I really am glad I found Discover Reflexology & the therapist, Trenna. She is a very through, accomodating, helpful, understanding, extremely knowledagble, professional & a very warm therapist. I feel very relaxed & comfortable in her office during the sessions. Reflexology has been a great new tool to help me manage the symptoms of my various serious health conditions. Following each session what I have noticed is I am relaxed & the symptoms have reduced in intensity/frequency. Thank you so much!

Larissa M. https://book.click4time.com/discoverreflexology/reviews August 13, 2018

I have been coming to see Trenna off and on for a couple years now. She is professional and very willing to explain and discuss reflexology, including the treatment she's providing. She has always been patient with my million questions. With my career I'm on my feet for long hours and typically, I used to have chronic foot pain with plantar fasciitis and heal spurs. I find that after a few treatments I'm pain free for months. The over all well being in other areas of my body improves as well. Could be placebo, but all I know is after trying dozens of other treatments, this seems to work for me. She's always very accommodating with scheduling as well. I'd highly recommend her.

Erin M. January 8, 2019

I resorted to reflexology out of desperation for my on-going foot pain. Specialists were of no help and I just thought it was something I was going to have to live with. After 3 sessions, I am happy to say I am well on my way to permanently relieving this pain I have suffered with for over 2 years. Trenna is so experienced and will teach you as she goes as to what she is doing and the areas that it is effecting. I have always believed in the benefits of massage therapy, but Reflexology effects the body far differently. If you have issues that modern medicine has not helped, give Reflexology a try. I'm just sorry I waited 2 years to try it.

Linda F. https://book.click4time.com/discoverreflexology/reviews October 18, 2019