Sport Reflexology

$75 Per Individual Session
$255 Per 4 Sessions (Prepaid)
$510 Per 8 Sessions (Prepaid)

Offered by Trenna

As a mother to a competitive volleyball player, I watch the emotional stresses and the physical pains that go with it. Since using reflexology specifically for her sport, she has less ankle pain, lower muscle burn, and fewer complaints of shoulder fatigue. I have since had the pleasure of working on other teens in sport and enjoy similar results.

What makes Sport Reflexology different?

Sport Reflexology works the whole body to maintain optimal strength and health but also target the areas specific to your sport. Primary care to the musculoskeletal system for all athletes is the usual. It just varies as to which areas need extra care, in addition to secondary care to the respiratory and lymphatic systems.

So what are the benefits for an athlete?

Increased circulation and therefore lymphatic movement, energize muscles and remove metabolites such as Lactic Acid. You can train and play longer.

Less burning sensation in the muscles due to increased elimination of lactic acid. Recovery times between matches and training may be reduced.

Injury prevention. You are less likely to suffer soft tissue sprains, strains, tears and ruptures as a result of less muscle fatigue. Especially in conjunction with massage and physiotherapy, reduction in healing time is also a benefit.

Reduction of mental stress on a player prior to and during competition.

Reflexology encourages mental, emotional and physical health. The healthy athlete has the ability to achieve their full potential and be a focused on success.