2nd Anniversary

We officially celebrate two years at our location in the Fort Garry area of Winnipeg. I have been blessed and grateful to everyone for their support and continued growth in our community, city and province. There is so much more we can do and I hope to share with more people as we head into summer.

As a thank you to our clients, current and future, we are taking 15% off all regular priced reflexology sessions until June 28, 2019.

Discover the benefits of what we can offer you.

“You work on FEET?…and enjoy it??”

There is common response I get when asked what I do for “work”. Most often what asked this question I am faced with the response where the person has never heard of reflexology and asks for more information and a more detailed explanation of what it is and how my services are beneficial. Great! Followed by two possible paths. First, peaked interest, further discussion on how wonderful the practice is but also how much I enjoy helping others. This path usually leads to a potential appointment or a referral of someone else they know that could benefit. The second response I find amusing…”You work on feet…and enjoy it?” (insert cringed look here) I actually like this reaction as it allows me to still discuss the benefits and how I enjoy helping others etc. etc. But also to reassure them from sanitary point of view that the feet are cleaned prior to treatment and that when comparing hands to feet, hands are just as, if not more likely to carry a larger amount of germs. That here in Winnipeg people where socks and shoes/boots for a large portion of the year and are most likely cleaner than hands, since hands come into contact with so many things throughout the day. Take a step back and ponder for a moment all the things you touch vs how many times you wash your hands.

My “job” is rewarding. My goal for every person that comes through my door is regular monthly maintenance. Watching the varying degrees of progress and increased quality of life. The journey to get them there is inspirational and educational. If I run into a condition I don?t know much about I will read up on it, find the best course of action. What systems are affected? What oils can I use? What other changes can be made from the client, diet and exercise (increase, decrease, change), and/or another complementary therapy perhaps?

The rewards are great, for me, for them, and for you. When someone sees results they refer others to me to also reap the benefits of reflexology. This is a great gift and compliment to me as a professional. When working with children, the rewards are also great in that they have a more elevated sense of delight. They look forward to sitting in my chair. They love to chat about how their progress is going and everything else that is going on. Making it easy to know their activity levels and sense of quality of life. Recently I was given a rainbow loom snake from one of my “kids”. It made my day, and reassured my desire to work with more kids.

There is not greater gift than one of giving. Knowing I can better a persons quality of life, offer relaxation, and improve various conditions that one suffers.

So yes, I work on feet, and I enjoy it.

A gift from O.
A gift from one of my “kids”