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Reflexology for Children

My mother always told me that if I take care of my feet, my feet will take care of me.

Many parents (myself being one), often look for alternatives to always going to see the doctor for a pill or syrup to alleviate ailments such as allergies, upset stomach, seasonal illnesses. Medicine has it’s place for treating major illnesses, regular checkups and preventative testing, and more. What we seek however, is an answer, that we as parents want to be able to soothe our children help and alleviate the aches and pains with our own hands and hearts. How many times have we held our children, rocked them, sang to them just to make them feel better when they can’t sleep because of a stuffy nose or aching gut.

If your baby or child is experiencing any health challenges or feeling emotional then reflexology could make a difference. The possibility of relieving the symptoms of allergies, upset stomach, and so much more makes a parent more relieved themselves watching and listening to their child sleeping soundly, breathing clearly, not crying or complaining of chronic pains. An entire house sleeping better, waking happier and living life fuller.

Babies can benefit in many ways:

Be calmer
More content
Happier and smiley
Rested and sleeps well
Generally more comfortable
Find it easier to digest

Children can benefit by a reflexology session in numerous ways i.e.:-

Better concentration
More relaxed
More comfortable
Less agitated
More focused
Feel healthier
More balanced energy and moods

So, my mother was right, as all mothers are! She had not heard of reflexology but how true her words are and I see it every day.

Focusing on our children

The more I read, the more I experience, the more I enjoy working with out youth. Reflexology can benefit and is safe for all ages. I have found that children have a particular enjoyment for their sessions and always ask when the next one will be. Even the ADHD child who can’t sit for 5 minutes has come to be able to sit through an entire foot reflexology session calm and relaxed. A child with allergies able to breath easier as one of the short term benefits. The conditions and frustrations are many but there is hope and help that can be done in a natural healing environment.

Reflexologists would never recommend anyone stop traditional medical intervention such as regular medicines. However, reflexology can help children with their conditions such as allergies and asthma in between doses. Some can benefit with fewer allergy pills or asthma inhaler usage.

It’s not miracles at work and nothing happens overnight. Time and patience will provide numerous rewards for everyone in the family to celebrate.

Start your child’s journey to better health now.

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Reflexology Week! September 23 – 29, 2012

Reflexology week is celebrated around the globe!? Reflexologists from all corners communicate their healing art with as many people as possible.? This is celebrated the last week of September every year.

Discover Reflexology would like to celebrate Reflexology Week for the first time by donating $20 from every session booked during that week to Winnipeg Harvest to help with the upcoming winter season.? In addition, bring? non-perishable food item and save 10% off your session fee.

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Fall is upon us

Temperatures start to fluctuate and the weather starts to get colder.? Fall is here, and with it…

Some of the ailments seen most frequently at this time of the year include the common cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and sore throat. Although most people don?t place much importance on these hindrances, they do lower our quality of life when we catch them and, in fact, contribute to significant amount of labor force loss. The reality is that when people who are already ill cough and sneeze into the air, these germs? spread fast, making them very contagious.? This is why crowded places and places that are not well ventilated (schools, workplaces, cinemas, nursery schools, shopping centers, mass transportation vehicles, etc.) make it very easy for germs and viruses to spread.? When someone enters and then leaves a closed environment while ill, puts everyone else there at risk. Another way that germs and viruses spread is through touch.?? Everyday items such as doorknobs, telephone receivers and towels can be vehicles for spreading germs and viruses.

Take Care of yourselves though this busy viral season.? Make reflexology a part of your natural healing lifestyle and ward off illness this year.

Reflexology and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Real potential for exists for reflexology to effect the human casualties of violent and natural occurrences around the world. Research has shown reflexology to effect post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as its common symptoms. With numbers of PTSD victims rising, the benefits of reflexology could be wide-spread around the world and among individuals of all ages.

Post traumatic stress syndrome is not just about soldiers. While concern has been raised about its projected impact on one-third of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the trauma of witnessed and experienced events has also been linked to: children in China’s earthquake disaster zone, victims of community violence in Northern Ireland, aggressive and anti-social children in England, and policeman involved in shooting in America.

Specific reflexology research into PTSD as well as studies of common symptoms show hope for the victims as well as concerned loved ones and governmental agencies. Common symptoms include depression, insomnia and anxiety. Schools in the UK seeking to mainstream into regular classrooms children scared by traumatic events in their home countries have utilized reflexology to good effect. Social workers in Northern Ireland and reflexologists in Israel have also found reflexology to help.

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Significant decrease in premenstrual symptoms

May 2012
Reflexology News

A controlled study carried out among a group of volunteers who had previously complained of distress from PMS symptoms has shown a significant decrease in these symptoms following reflexology treatment.

Taking place in California, the study ran over six months with the participants recording their symptoms, both physical and psychological, throughout. During the middle two months the volunteers were divided into two groups each of these being treated by qualified reflexologists; however individuals in one group received eight ?genuine? reflexology treatments and the other group eight placebo treatments. Within the placebo group the therapists worked with areas not relevant to the treatment of this condition. Both groups believed that they were receiving genuine reflexology.

Studies have previously shown that deep relaxation can be of benefit in relieving symptoms of PMS and the placebo group reported that as well as having relaxed and enjoyed their treatments, they experienced a 19% decrease in symptoms. However a remarkable 46% reduction in symptoms was shown by the ?genuine? group, whose symptoms had been specifically treated.

The volunteers then continued to record their symptoms and in the two months following treatment the ?genuine? group maintained 41% reduction in symptoms, showing the continued beneficial effects of reflexology with PMS.

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Have the courage to become who you really are.

The aftermath of violence and crime can wreak havoc in the lives of victims. Individuals are often left traumatized and stressed, seeking help and solace while looking for ways to find comfort, heal and get on with life. Outside help and support is very important in one?s journey toward healing, but added to that is the need to take extra good care of self. Refueling and recharging your body, mind and spirit and infusing your life with more peace and joy.

Consider reflexology to help restore balance after trauma and help nurture a self-care first approach to healing.