More Reflexology Awareness is Needed in Manitoba

I work in a profession that is not widely known or endorsed here in Canada. While research, inclusion and acceptance is abundant in the other parts of the world, including the US. Why does Canada stay so far behind?

The IBS Network in the UK promotes reflexology on their website to offer options to people that have proven to help alleviate symptoms of IBS and increase a better quality of life. They are not alone in their pointing people to reflexology but just another example of how complementary therapies are integrated into their health care.

My practice is growing every day and I refer to other reflexology therapists that are still taking new clients in hopes that a day doesn’t come when I have to turn someone away.

In a few short years, there will not be enough of us to cover every person seeking our services.

ADHD – Over The Counter Alternatives

I just read an email that lead me to an article from Cognitune Smarter Health

This articles covers the dangers of Adderall and what the alternatives are to help with ADHD. In addition to the ADHD epidemic that is covering North America, students and workaholics are using this same dangerous drug to help with brain fog and cognitive function in otherwise healthy people.

Please take the time to read this article and share with loved ones that there are natural ways to balance the body and help alleviate symptoms.

Click the green link below to read article…

Best Natural Adderall Alternatives


Welcome Sarah-Lynne!

Our newest addition is Sarah-Lynne coming to join our team as a reflexology therapist. She is certified through the Reflexology Association of Canada and is ready to build her practice. She looks forward to meeting you in the office soon. You can call the office or book online with Sarah-Lynne through our online booking calendar. Her bio will be added shortly to our team page.

Welcome Phebe!

I would like to welcome Phebe to the team at Discover Reflexology. Phebe has joined our team as a part-time Front Desk Client Service Representative. She is ready to book your first appointment or your 100th. Her bio will be added to our team page soon. Give her a call on the new business line at 204-414-8222.

It’s Official – Open for Business and Accepting New Clients


We are officially open to the public! We currently have four therapists ready to serve our wonderful city, making us Winnipeg’s largest reflexology centre!

Schedules are still being set up for online booking, so please call or email to book your appointment.

You will find us in the Fort Garry area of the city off Pembina Highway, formerly the Pembina Mortgage Building.

Reflexology and Concussions

I have had and continue to have people call and come in to see me as a last resort for past concussion injuries. Doctors are prescribing multiple medications for pain control, and also now recommending Botox treatments. The dependency people have on these things also causes increased stress and they hope that medications can be weaned. This is rarely the case. Every treatment has its side effects, deciding if the side effects are worth it, is a personal choice. It is true that people are getting relief from their medical treatment plans and can go back to having a better life. I am here for those who are seeking out a way to get relief with a reduction in medication or become free of medications.

Graded 1-3 in severity, Grade 1 is considered minor with no loss of consciousness and symptoms lasting only about 15 minutes. Grade 2, is moderate and symptoms can last longer than 15 minutes and there was still no loss of consciousness. Grade 3 concussions are major, which include loss of consciousness (even for a few seconds). It may take up to a week to return to normal activities after a Grade 1 or 2 concussion. Greater care must be taken with a Grade 3 concussion, preventing future concussions and making sure you get proper rest to help heal. This includes no sports, no homework, no screens (TV, phones, tablets, laptops and video games)

There are acupressure points that can be used to help alleviate concussion symptoms. These points in combination with a traditional reflexology session can have significant results for some. As always, everyone reacts differently with reflexology and first and foremost, there is no guarantee that you would be completely free from pain or medications. Everyone’s time frame for results also varies and results can be seen in as little as one session or it can take months to see significant results, however, small changes can be noted showing that the body is doing its thing to try and get you back in order.

I can tell you, so far, I have one person who has gone back to work full time with no significant set backs to date, but still uses complementary therapies and physio exercises to maintain her status. Another client has had great success and is still on pain medications, but to a lesser degree, and calls reflexology “life changing”.

The acupressure points to look at for concussions are:

Using these points in this order works its way from head to foot. Followed up with a traditional reflexology session will boost your potential for greater and quicker results.

If you are suffering from a concussion, contact our office to book your consultation and see if reflexology is the answer for you.

We Are Hiring!


Our professional clinic is looking for Part Time and Full Time Certified Reflexology Therapists. The ideal candidate is professional, has exceptional customer service skills, a passion for improving the health of Canadians and is motivated to work collaboratively within a team of other health care practitioners.

Read more… “We Are Hiring!”

Discover Reflexology is Growing

Big changes are happening with Discover Reflexology.

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our business within the same location in the Fort Garry area of Winnipeg. The papers are signed and we begin a new chapter. Effective June 1, 2017 we begin painting and minor renovations. We will remain open during renovations.

With a receptionist to help handle day to day business, and bringing on additional therapists to serve more people throughout Winnipeg and its surrounding areas we are delighted at what the future holds.

This is a much needed reflexology service expansion for Winnipeg and the complementary health field.

Stay tuned for staff updates and biographies!

Winnipeg Wellness Expo 2017


Coming up in only a month is the 23rd Winnipeg Wellness Expo. Below is an exclusive link for complementary tickets for the day of your choice. You will find 100+ exhibitors so be sure to give yourself enough time to see everything.

Winnipeg Wellness Expo Tickets

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