Regular Child Session (under 16):
$30.00 Per Individual Session

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Depending on age and size, the touch and amount of pressure varies but is lighter than what an adult pressure would be.
Sessions commonly last 30 minutes however extra time be given for those who are in need and can tolerate sitting for longer periods.

Babies can benefit in many ways:

Be calmer
More content
Happier and smiley
Rested and sleeps well
Generally more comfortable
Find it easier to digest

Children can benefit by a reflexology session in numerous ways:

Better concentration
More relaxed
More comfortable
Less agitated
More focused
Feel healthier
More balanced energy and moods

Teenagers are unique in that they continuing to grow at an alarming rate and go through many changes and challenges all their own. Teens who suffer from Migraines, IBD, Crohn’s, Arthritis, Depression/Anxiety, Mood and Hormone imbalances, or exam stress may find reflexology helps. Sessions for teens usually last 45 minutes.