Brazilian Toe Massage

What is it?

Brazilian Toe Massage is a form of pressure point healing. Originating in Brazil, Toe Massage is a fascinating method that corresponds to acupuncture principles (without the needles). A tool used to restore the flow of Chi.

Acupuncture can cause changes in the emotional state by emptying excessive energy that has been trapped in an organ and increasing energy flow in undercharged organs….it seems Brazilian Toe Massage has the same effect.

Who can this benefit?

Brazilian Toe Massage is great for those who suffer from:

Aches & Pains

However anyone can benefit from this simple relaxing method.

What should I expect?

Another non-invasive therapy.
Like reflexology, Brazilian Toe Massage only requires you to have bare feet and reclined in a chair or lying down.

While seated your practitioner begins by placing their hands on both feet. Once the practitioner is centered he/she will start some breathing exercises.

Each toe is held in a specific sequence and the hands never disconnect from you during the treatment.

To conclude the treatment the hands go back to the holding position and some more deep breaths.

A session last approximately 20 minutes.


$20 per treatment


$15 if added to a reflexology session

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