Our Team

Meet our team of professionals that are available to help you with any questions, concerns and booking needs you may have.


With continued growth of business, Discover Reflexology has expanded to allow for more reflexology therapists to continue with the Vision and Mission of Discover Reflexology. To bring more public awareness and health throughout Winnipeg and its surrounding communities.

Trenna – Owner and Reflexology Therapist. Deciding that numerous pills for my daughters’ allergies or trying different fiber foods for her sons’ chronic constipation just wasn’t working, there had to be a better way to alleviate their symptoms. While studying reflexology and working on my own family, I discovered that reflexology really could be the answer. With success with my own family I decided this therapy should be more readily available and that more public awareness was needed regarding reflexology and its benefits. With that, Discover Reflexology opened for business to offer services to others that were, and are, looking for another option to better health, one that compliments other therapies and works with western medicine.

Mary-Clara – I have been a R.A.C certified Reflexology Therapist for 12 years now and am still just as passionate about helping people as I was in 2005, when I took my first course to learn this relaxing and restorative therapy after experiencing the healing effects for myself.

Every therapist has their own unique way of treating and relating to their clients. Understanding, compassion, an undauting belief that one can reach almost any goal is what I have to offer my clients as well as my skill as a trained Reflexology Therapist.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering if my technique is what will benefit you the most!

Phebe – Receptionist – Bio and photo coming soon